About us

Native Scot Donald Greig first visited Dumfries and Galloway for childhood holidays, since when the area has held a special appeal. Despite travelling the rest of the world, this is an area to where he always happily returns. He is a keen walker, erstwhile bird watcher and sometimes sailor and has a strong interest in conservation, vernacular architecture and local history and folklore. He has contributed to many books, magazines and newspapers, and between 2007 and 2014 was Managing Director of Bradt Travel Guides.

Haggis, our dog, accompanies us on many of our travels.

Naturalist and conservationist Darren Flint has been smitten with Dumfries and Galloway since his first visit in spring 2013. Having spent many years with the RSPB, he has just completed a Masters in Environmental Conservation from UCL, and is the Project Manager at Castle Loch Lochmaben Community Trust. He is a keen outdoors enthusiast, with a love for walking the hills, and has a particular interest in butterflies. He particularly enjoys uncovering hidden places that no-one else knows about.

Slow Britain - Haggis at Brighouse Bay, Dumfries & Galloway photography_socialmedia
darren and haggis orcharton tower